Ensure your vessel stands out in Summer 2021

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Ensure your vessel stands out during one of the biggest events of the decade with a ceramic coating. Protect and preserve your assets with a 9H diamond strength barrier.

After a turbulent year that’s left many housebound and landlocked, the prospect of being able to enjoy the open water next season is becoming more appetising and most importantly, more real.

The preparation for Summer 2021 is well underway. With lost time to make up for, it’s set to be one of the biggest events of the decade.

With this in mind, it’s important that your vessel looks as good as possible. But yachts go through a lot during their lifetime, facing daily attacks from sunlight and harsh saltwater. Once water ingresses paintwork, UV rays can cause it to boil which burns the paint, leading to a dulled gelcoat.

Applying a ceramic coating is the best way to increase the lifespan of gelcoat and maintain a freshly painted finish.

The team at Sirius Technologies has travelled the world to develop the industry-leading ceramic coating, PZP Pro Protect. Our organic polysilizane-based coating is specifically engineered to seal paint and other hard surfaces with a 9H non-porous barrier. The ultra-slick surface created doesn’t allow water, dirt, diesel soot or UV rays to penetrate, perfectly preserving the surface below for 2 years.

To date, PZP Pro Protect has been applied to hundreds of luxury yachts all over the world ranging from large charter fleets to independent super yachts.

For more information on our protective coatings or a prospective quote with no obligation, please get in touch.

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